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I was also looking for the same but literally there is no such option. However, what Samsung's Official site suggests to do it, is: If you would prefer to use another browser as default from the messaging app - you can try searching the Google Play Store to download another messaging application. The Android Messages app, for example, defaults to open ...


These days, browsers on mobile devices, use one bar for searching with an search engine and inserting a specific URL request of web site. What you need to do is simple tell them "Touch top bar/address bar and insert this specific URL" or "Insert this URL in the bar and send". You need to know that if the inserted text is a correctly formatted URL (protocol:/...


You'll be prompted to enter your lockscreen password or PIN if you have one, or your Google password if you don't have a lockscreen.


There are two possibilities: On-device solutions Use an app like tPacketCapture (capture traffic like Wireshark) NetCapture (on-device Proxy with HTTPS decryption capabilities) Packet capture - similar to NetCapture HTTP Canary PC based solutions: Use a proxy on your PC and redirecty all traffic through that proxy. There are a large number of Proxy ...

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