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At least on my device, it is a default behavior and cannot be altered. It was brought in with Android 8 and is same on 9 and 10. The default USB connection mode is always charging. You need to manually enable the file transfer mode when needed.


The LAVA SimulCharge has a chip in it that detects if charge power is being supplied. If no charge power is being supplied it turns into a regular OTG connection. When it does this, it draws power from the tablet to power your accessories. From what I've looked at so far, I haven't found a way to make the OTG 5V power from the tablet turn off when the ...


Usually phone registers several COM-ports when connected for different purposes. To send AT-commands you need to open COM-port assigned to "Modem" device, not "USB-to-COM" device.


You can reach this setting in another way by dialing *#0808#, it will take you straight to the USB Settings. Tap on AP then MTP. You may need to reboot.


Here are some options: Use an alternative camera app, which will allow you to set the audio source. For example: Open Camera Record the audio in a separate app then edit the audio and video together later. An example app for recording audio from your interface is USB Audio Recorder PRO Also, since this question is a top hit for "Pixel USB Audio Class 3", I ...

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