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Is it possible to identify where apps come from?

EDIT: Gathered additional content from the comments. CM will list the package name of the apps in Apps Info. Those with com.cyanogenmod, org.cyanogenmod, cyanogen and com.cyngn (thanks @Izzy !) are ...
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Can all or any smartphone manufacturer ship their phones with the stock, unmodified version of Android besides Google?

Depends on what you mean by "stock Android". Android itself is open source (see Wikipedia: Android Open Source Project (AOSP)). But that doesn't include the Google Apps. If they want to ship those, ...
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Is it possible to identify where apps come from?

Cyanogenmod 12.1 comes with built-in (official CM) apps which contains the following apps (com.cyanogen.*): File manager (CM version) Theme Store (CM version) AudioFX (CM version) Gallery (CM ...
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What's the difference between an AOSP ROM and a stock ROM?

I think sometimes a practical answer helps clear things up, this will not be as technical as the other answers, but more so a real world example. I have a T-Mobile Galaxy s5. The XDA page can be ...
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Emulate vanila Android-arm64 on PC

I have checked Android studio, but it seems that it only runs a single application but not the whole Android system. You are mistaken. The Android emulator in Android Studio creates and runs an ...
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AOSP Android 11 Kernel build for Pixel3a/Sargo Touchscreen not working

I'd to know how an issue like this still exists, but here's the fix: File: aosp-kernel\private\msm-google\arch\arm64\configs\bonito_defconfig Change these to "y" & rebuild: ...
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Are the AOSP Email and Calendar apps dead?

I cannot speak to cyanogen mod, however my understanding is that cyanogen mod has been taken over/morphed into what is now known as the Lineage OS Distribution here: https://lineageos.org/ perhaps ...
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Do phone manufacturers use AOSP as their base?

I worked with a couple of OEMs and know for a fact that when the OEMs start off working on a new version of android the Software Configuration team picks the latest stable version of the AOSP and then ...
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Nexus 5x - No one can hear me on the phone

I had this same issue with my HTC One. It turned out that the background noise cancellation software build into the phone canceled out too much (thus cancelling out my voice). This especially happened ...
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Error reflashing Nexus S to stock Jelly Bean

what I found was that flash_all.sh actually updates the baseband version with the radio image. but rebooting from fastboot to fastboot again does not show the update in the baseband version. so ...
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