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How to control how long Google Assistant keeps listening when there is silence?

From Google help There isn't any way at this time to force the microphone to stay on for Voice Typing. When you pause for several seconds, voice typing assumes you're taking a break. This likely ...
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Audio notes & voice recording stop abruptly in Google Keep

After trying the voice recording I've found that the recording stops whenever there is silence for a few seconds. In other words, to make a long recording you'll need to talk continously. I've so ...
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1 vote

What if one application couldn't write incoming voice?

I was able to find an application that works properly (Call recorder for Android version 25 from
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Take a voice note without unlocking the device

This is possible (recording audio without unlocking the device, but with the screen on) with the help of the excellent Macrodroid app. When I tried to do the same I found this hint. For those who are ...
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How prevent Pixel 2 from sleeping while dictating?

I saw a reviewer talking about that and i believe there is no fix in settings for that but I can recommend you an app called caffeine that keeps your phone awake for a set amount of time
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How can I exclude Sound Recorder files from Music library

I have found a solution to the first problem thanks to the reference by beeshyams. MortPlayer Music allows you to choose which folders to draw your music from. Hence, in my case, I removed all the ....
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How to save Whatsapp voicenotes to Computer?

My problem has been solved. I tried this trick and it works. Open the folder on your mobile. It is WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Voice Notes/ Select all files all any files you wanna copy to your computer ...
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