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Why isn't Wireguard available on F-Droid?

The official Wireguard App is no longer available because the author insists in packing self-updating functionality that targets a non-F-droid repository. This functionality means that F-Droid can't ...
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VPN over proxy (global)

Couldn't figure out your exact use case but yes that can be done, and I am using that setup sometimes for specific needs: One would need an app that supports Proxy and I recommend ProxyDroid because ...
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1 vote

Convince android to use AAAA records when VPN has IPv6 but main connectivity doesn't

Configure your VPN to route the entire IPv6 address space. The requirement is that you need a default route for IPv6 for chrome to consider AAAA. I was having the exactly same problem on android 12 ...
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How to connect to multiple VPNs in Android

You can use two VPNs at the same time by using the Android Work Profile. The Work Profile has it's own "VPN slot"; this allows you to be connected to two VPNs at the same time. You can set ...
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