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What does an orange street symbolize in Waze?

So I found: And as you noted in the comment the description of colors may not match expectations. As that page is ...
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Is it possible put Waze in a movable tile window, the same way Google Maps can?

This is picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, and Waze has not supported it yet. Google Maps v9.60 added support for PiP mode in August 2018. Also, as per the official Android Developers documentation, Your ...
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When I arrive to my destination using Waze, how can I tell on Waze whether the destination is on my right or my left?

On my screen it is obvious as the destination icon is either on the left or the right of the road. Have you tried zooming in
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Waze voice commands never work

I used Waze on Xiaomi Mi 4s and had the same problem. When I put three fingers on the screen, the microphone appeared but never had time to pronounce any words. It said, "I didn't hear you" (...
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