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How to recover WhatsApp chat history?

Back up Ll your data from what's app add to drop box or whatever is your preferred back ups storage app or SD card then sign out of what's app. Claear storage bins and delete all what's app data, don'...
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Double backup and migration for Iphone

In case it is useful to anyone, it almost worked. The only issue was that the old backup, in Google Drive, was deleted to inactivity after a few months. But the local backup worked as expected.
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Will I be exited from WhatsApp groups when I reset my phone and install app again?

If your phone number does not change, your groups will be intact. But, without backup, your conversation history will be blank.
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Whatsapp single chat message clock icon issue on both side

Try logging out from all 'Linked Devices'. That worked for me.
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Whatsapp: is there any possibility to turn off internet for a specific contact only?

if there is a way to disable access for a specific chat completely? Not directly. Maybe try blocking the contact temporarily when you update their details? What i am trying to accomplish by doing ...
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