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WhatsApp doesn't restore chats from backup

Your issue is that you cannot decrypt the backup Encrypted WhatsApp backups (e.g. .crypt14) need a key to be restored. Said key is generated by the WhatsApp servers when you perform SMS verification. ...
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WhatsApp doesn't restore chats from backup

As mentioned by someone, the error detected by WhatsApp is probably due to the incompatibility of the phone numbers, unless you rectify it. As I grasp, the phone number your Google backup is tied to ...
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Deleted contacts from removed dual-SIM still visible in WhatsApp

There are a few ways. Put the SIM, back, delete the unwanted contacts and then remove the SIM. Use an app to manage the contacts - examples Contacts Optimizer App will allow you to do this on the ...
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Sending message chats to the bottom of the list and is archive the only option?

(This answer was based on WhatsApp and testing between 2 WhatsApp accounts on different devices) What I was trying to do is "push" some chats to the bottom of the list and archive ...
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