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How do I automatically disable cellular data when at home?

I am using an app called MyProfiles, but I can't find it on Play Store. However, aProfiles will do the job for you. It is also under development currently, others appear to have stagnated. You can ...
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Need to connect to old device that only support 2.4Ghz wifi

Looks like the app is using this "obscure morse system" to transmit initial set-up data to the camera via Wifi even if the camera is not yet connected to the Wifi. Usually the packet length ...
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Need to connect to old device that only support 2.4Ghz wifi

If both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WIFI are available, the camera will automatically connect to 2.4GHz. It will not even attempt to connect to 5GHz as it does not have an antenna for it. That is, it can't even ...
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I want to block system apps from using wifi network

Have you tried using TrackerControl? It is an open source app that sets up a VPN server and blocks trackers. Once you install it and enable VPN, Go to Settings > Advanced options > Manage system ...
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I turned Airplane Mode on, yet someone was still able to call me

That is VoWi-Fi. VoWi-Fi doesn't necessarily require your cellular radio to be "ON" in order to make calls. The SIM card being "present" in the device is enough The content below ...
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