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WiFi Tethering allows a user to share their data connection with other devices by connecting the two device through WiFi. Usually used to share a phone's data connection with a laptop, allowing the laptop to access the Internet through the phone's connection.

Wifi tethering is the method of tethering (connecting) one device to another, through a WiFi connection, so one device can use the other's data connection. In most cases this will relate to the act of sharing an Android phone's cellular data connection with another Wifi enabled device, however in some cases a user will be connecting an Android device that does not have a cellular enabled data connection to another type of phone to access it's data connection. Some devices have this functionality built in while other require a third party app to enable the ability to tether via WiFi. Of the devices that do not natively support WiFi tethering, some require that the device be rooted while others do not.

The wifi-tethering tag should be used to tag question relating to the act of tethering two devices (one Android device with another Android device, or non-Android device) through a Wifi connection. Other distinct methods of tethering that have their own tags are...

  • USB Tethering (uses the Tethering tag): The act of tethering two devices through a USB cable.
  • Bluetooth Tethering: The act of tethering two devices through a Bluetooth connection.
  • WiFi Hotspot: The act of connecting multiple devices through WiFi through one device's data connection.