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Just pulling all files via adb to a WIndows computer has multiple problems: Android/Linux allows multiple files in one directory that just differ in their case. The file-system on Linux allow characters in file- and directory names that are disallowed on Windows Some file-names are completely disallowed on Windows which are just regular file-names on Linux/...


There are two main reasons why an app shows a different icon: Some apps provide different APK files for different platforms. Different APK files means that of course not only the code but also resources like images can be different. However it seems like the app you mention is only available in one version. An app contains images and icons for different ...


Windows doesn't actually mount the partition, a common filesystem can be only mounted once at a time. Android actually uses MTP (media transfer protocol) to allow copying files over USB.


This article explains how to install Windows on an Android tablet. But as it stresses, the app and methods are unsupported, so if something happens to your device, then you are on your own. From the article, here are the steps: First, you first must install the Change My Software application on your Windows-based PC. There are several versions of the app,...

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