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MTP the protocol used for accessing the phone is not implemented as file-system on Windows thus you don't get a drive letter. Additionally MTP is a pretty unstable, ineffective and slow file-system which makes it not a good choice for backup. But be aware that the files you can access via MTP are just the tip of the ice berg, making a backup of those data ...


You can use Limbo emulator or Qemu. but i don't think that your phone can handle windows 10. i've tried windows xp though and it worked pretty well.


Your phone is showing you the total amount of storage inside your device. This includes a bunch of partitions containing the operating system, radio image, preloaded apps, bootloader, recovery, etc. These partitions are read-only, and many aren't even accessible within the Android OS, so they aren't exposed when connected to Windows—there wouldn't be any ...

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