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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Questions regarding the audio output of an Android device in general, rather than a specific audio topic, like music.
776 questions
when your question is truly specific to Gingerbread.
774 questions
for issues related to Bluetooth, a wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances. Whenever possible, please use the more specific tag *instead* if such exists, e.g. 'b…
773 questions
For issues with the keyboard (the tool by which we enter text in apps), whether physical or virtual -- but "in" your device. Please use more specialized tags if they better apply to your issue: e.g. '…
734 questions
if your question is about its Android version or issues related to it only
725 questions
Questions about Battery life (how long each charge last) or/and Battery Durability (how long until it needs to be replaced) should use this tag.
706 questions
A "bootloop" or "boot loop" is a problematic situation wherein a device can't fully boot up and starts over, in a loop. Make sure to read the information provided with the 'info' link before submittin…
693 questions
For questions regarding installing apps, Android firmware or certificates
690 questions
issues with your Google account (used for Playstore, Gmail, etc.)
687 questions
For issues specific to the Gmail app, AKA Google Mail. For another mail app use the tag specific to it or, if none found, the generic 'email' tag.
687 questions
The version of Android after 4.0.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) in the Android version sequence. Please only use this tag if your question specifically pertains to Jelly Bean and its features.
659 questions
Generic tag for questions regarding mobile network telephone calls using your Android device. Please check first if a more specific tag exists for your issue (e.g. 'voip' or 'callerid'; the full tag w…
657 questions
for issues with the "boot-process" of your Android device.
655 questions
if your issue is *specific* to any variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100).
650 questions
A file system is the logical structure to organize (store, retrieve and update) data on a storage device.
642 questions
Everything around your display and screen not covered by more specialized tags (see full tag wiki for hints)
637 questions
when your issue involves a Linux laptop/PC or addresses Linux-specific topics on your Android device. In the latter case, consider if other tags like e.g. 'command-line' or 'shell' might …
632 questions
The place where your apps and data are stored. Please follow the 'info' link below for some generic details.
614 questions
For questions related to rear camera (backside camera) on Android devices. Questions regarding front camera should be tagged with [front-camera]
609 questions
Generic network issues. Before using this tag, check if there's a closer fit (see tag wiki).
594 questions
Android 4.2 is an incremental update in the "Jelly Bean" version series which debuted with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. Please only use this tag if you feel your question is specific to Android 4.2.
591 questions
if your issue is specific to the web browser. If applicable, chose a more specific tag instead for e.g. 'dolphin-browser', 'stock-browser', 'browser-history', etc. See the full tag wiki f…
590 questions
For questions regarding Google and Google services and apps in general. For a specific service/app, please use a more specific tag. Please note that many Google apps have their respective tags (e.g. g…
585 questions
Encryption is the process of transforming information to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge.
582 questions
if your issue is truly *specific* to the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GT-i950*) device.
566 questions
The access that apps advertise that they need to function. Example: Full internet access, send SMS messages, etc. Please use this tag for app-permissions only. For file permissions, use 'file-permissi…
557 questions
if you feel your question is specific to Android 7.0 Nougat. It was officially released on August 22, 2016, on Nexus devices.
552 questions
For questions about the hardware of Android devices. Note that asking for finding or recommending hardware (phones, tablets, accessories, etc.) is off-topic.
548 questions
for questions on the bootloader, which is kind of "BIOS mode" on Android devices
541 questions
if your question is specific to Android 5.1 Lollipop, an incremental update over 5.0 announced on March 9, 2015.
532 questions
For questions about the LG Nexus 5, the first phone to ship with Android 4.4 (KitKat). Please only use this tag if you feel your question is specific to the Nexus 5.
531 questions
for issues related to email (electronic mail). If applicable, please rather use more specific tags like e.g. 'gmail', 'imap', 'pop3', etc. (see full tag wiki for more informati…
511 questions
For questions specific to the original Galaxy S. The Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) was a high-end smartphone at the time of its launch. Variants include Epic 4G, Vibrant, Captivate, and Fascinate. Add …
505 questions
Android OS Version 2.2, aka Froyo. Only add an operating system tag if your question is truly about the OS!
505 questions
The version of Android originally on the device as supplied by the manufacturer or phone network, including any customizations, alternative interfaces and updates.
499 questions
APK is the file format used to distribute and install software on Android. APK stands for "Application Package File".
491 questions
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