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Questions about getting Android devices out of a "bricked" state.
470 questions
For questions and issues on the usage and installation of LineageOS.
The **'insufficient memory'** error often occurs in connection with data sync or app installs when your device is running low on *internal* storage (i.e. phone, not the internal SD card).
458 questions
For questions related to enforcing you privacy on Android devices
448 questions
if your issue is truly specific to the Nexus 7 tablet.
446 questions
Tablet devices are larger than a smartphone and usually do not have phone capabilities, though some can use a data network over 3G or 4G.
439 questions
A USB connection mode on Android devices which allows a USB connected computer to directly interact with the device.
437 questions
"Mobile data" refers to data transferred via your mobile connection (2G/3G/4G) as opposed to WiFi. It may also refer to the capability of using a mobile data connection.
427 questions
Data restoration (computer technology), returning data from a backup to its original location or to its successor. In android data means applications, settings and documents.
424 questions
For questions about the LG Nexus 4, the first phone to ship with Android 4.2. Please only use this tag if you feel your question is specific to the Nexus 4.
424 questions
A WiFi hotspot, created on an Android device, provides the device's mobile internet connection to other WiFi enabled devices (e.g. tablets or laptops).
418 questions
If your question is about trouble connecting your device via Wifi, Bluetooth, or USB, or to the mobile network, this is the correct tag.
417 questions
For questions specific to Xiaomi Android devices, software problems and questions about its user interface known as MIUI.
413 questions
Generic tag for Huawei devices. Use it only if a device tag is needed for a Huawei device, and there's not better matching tag. See the full tag-wiki for more details.
412 questions
The shell is a piece of software that provides a command-line interface to the operating system. Use this tag for shell-specific issues; general command-line issues should use the 'command-line' tag i…
410 questions
The act of moving a file or a set of files from one device to another through the use of common techniques such as USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
406 questions
Questions concerning the firmware image (i.e. a system image) for an Android device. See full tag wiki for details.
404 questions
For questions regarding viruses, trojan horses, spyware, and other malicious software, especially in removing or preventing it.
404 questions
Most Android devices have a built-in GPS receiver. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and is a space-based satellite navigation system mainly used to obtain the device's current location, but i…
402 questions
Microsoft Windows is a series of operating systems from Microsoft.
393 questions
Questions about photos (pictures) on your device. For the Photos app, use its corresponding app-specific tag instead (see tag-wiki/info for details) if it exists.
386 questions
General issues with Internet. Please use this tag only if you cannot find a more specific one (see full tag wiki for details).
383 questions
Generic tag for questions regarding the built-in Android Calendar app as well as calendar apps in general. If applyable, please use a more specific tag like e.g. 'google-calendar' or 'jorte'. See the …
371 questions
A third-party recovery system for Android devices. ClockworkMod Recovery provides many backup, restore, and maintenance features that are not present in the "stock" Android recovery system.
364 questions
A partition is a division of either your internal storage or your sdcard.
364 questions
The emulator is a tool used by Android developers to test their applications or by power users to preliminary test behavior of devices without using a real Android device. Only use this tag for quest…
363 questions
For questions regarding video files, playback, or recording.
356 questions
Trigger & Event based Automation and More for your Android devices
347 questions
An acronym for "Over The Air" update, an OTA update generally refers to a firmware upgrade that is distributed to phones or other devices wirelessly, usually by a cell carrier or device manufacturer.
346 questions
Mounting takes place before a computer can use a storage device. The command to make a storage device accessible is under *nix "mount"
342 questions
Trigger actions to be automatically executed on specific events, such as e.g. time, location, key-presses -- or even sensors, connected networks, etc. This tag is for "generic" questions on the field;…
336 questions
About managing your files on Android: copy/move, delete, open, and other file related actions. Please click the 'info' link for more details.
335 questions
For questions related to the Motorola Moto G (XT1032) smartphone.
334 questions
A library used by Google apps and many third-party apps to provide location and social functionality
330 questions
if your issue is truly specific to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250, SCH-I515, SCH-N044, SC-04D) device.
326 questions
only if the question is specific to Android 10 (previously known as Android Q).
326 questions
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