A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Google Maps is a web mapping service and an Android app.
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For questions about the internal procedures and processes of the Android system.
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A SIM card is an integrated circuit that securely stores the data used to identify a subscriber within a mobile network.
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The latest version of Android, which was first released in May 2018.
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A password is a secret word or string of characters used for user authentication/authorization.
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Getting apps or data from the Internet onto your Android device. Please see the full tag wiki for related links which might better fit your question or should be used additionally to better describe y…
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The HTC Desire (codenamed Bravo) is a smartphone developed by HTC and released in 2010. Only add a device tag if your question is truly about your make and model, not just related!
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The word "reboot" stands for the process of restarting a running device, i.e. it involves shutting it down and immediately starting it up again. The root of the word can be taken as advice: Get the de…
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For issues caused by a broken screen/digitizer
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Android 4.3 is an incremental update in the "Jelly Bean" version series which debuted with the new Nexus 7 (2013). Please only use this tag if you feel your question is specific to Android 4.3.
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if your issue is truly specific to the 'Samsung Galaxy S5' (SM-G900*) device.
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An Android device can be connected to a computer via USB using different connection modes such as "MTP" or "USB Mass Storage". If you have issues with those, this is the right tag to use.
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The kernel is a central component of most computer operating systems. It acts as bridge between applications and the hardware and also manages the systems's resources.
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For questions about the native YouTube Android app. Questions about the web interface on the desktop are off-topic here.
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USB On-The-Go (USB OTG) is a specification that allows USB devices (audio players, mobile phones, etc.) to act as a host, allowing other USB devices to be attached to them.
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A touchscreen is a display that can detect and locate a touch within the display area.
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Generic tag for LG devices. Use it only if a device tag is needed for an LG device, and there's not better matching tag. See the full tag-wiki for more details.
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For questions concerning the device firmware (as opposed to e.g. the 'radio-firmware'). See the full tag wiki for details, explanations, and hints.
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Removing installed apps from device.
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File related issues. See also if another tag might better fit your question: 'file-system', 'file-management', or one of the 'storage' tags
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A cellular network or mobile network is a radio network distributed over land areas called cells, each served by at least one fixed-location transceiver, known as a cell site or base station. In a cel…
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For questions specific to the Facebook app.
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if you have an issue related with an application or part of the operating system, that ceases to function properly leading to a freeze or a "force close" message.
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Logging is the process by which the system records what's going on - i.e. events, errors, warnings, and related information. Most apps provide details in log files, so the system logs help to debug pr…
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for questions about language support for the Android system and keyboards. See also the 'localization' tag if your question is about apps supporting your native language.
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for issues with your device having locked you out and won't let you in anymore. See the full tag wiki for details and some first-aid hints.
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A System app is an app which is placed under /system/app folder in an Android device. As /system is read-only, such an app cannot be uninstalled by an "ordinary" user.
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for questions specific to a Sony Xperia phone not covered by a more specific tag as e.g. "sony-xperia-z" or "sony-xperia-arc"
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For questions regarding operating memory (RAM) in an Android device. Please do not use this tag for questions concerning storage space and disk usage, use the "internal-storage" tag instead.
263 questions
Questions regarding songs in your android device. The quality, bit-rate, size and file types is considered relevant to this tag. This should not be confused with audio and/or music-player
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The launcher consists of the home screen and the app menu. As the name suggests, a launcher is the component responsible for launching apps. You can easily exchange the launcher of your android phone …
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The term "VPN" stands for "Virtual Private Network" which means to securely connect a device to a local network via the Internet.
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if your issue is with any kind of data to be transferred between Android devices (e.g. contacts, messages, app data) -- except for those having dedicated tags like 'file-transfer'.
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A terminal app is the way of providing a command prompt to Android devices.
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Some bootloaders are locked by the manufactures to prevent the phones from booting unofficial firmware images.
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