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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 211
if you feel your question is specific to Android 8.0 Oreo. It was officially released on August 21, 2017, on Pixel and Nexus devices.
× 210
For questions about how Android deals with generic images. Questions about photos will be better served by the "photos" tag.
× 207
available in a number of versions with differing capabilities. This tag is for questions that are about Android versioning in general or about differences among multiple versions.
× 206
an intelligent personal assistant available for Google's Android operating system.
× 201
a general term for moving applications to the SD card. See the full wiki entry for a disambiguation.
× 200
unofficial software used to flash ROM upgrades onto Samsung phones, as an alternative to using the official Samsung Kies software.
× 200
the process by which the system records what's going on - i.e. events, errors, warnings, and related information. Most apps provide details in log files, so the system logs help to debug pr…
× 198
an icon on your homescreen to directly execute a defined action in some app.
× 197
Refers to Microsoft's Enterprise E-mail server.
× 197
applications designed and distributed by Google, including core Android apps, such as the Play Store.
× 196
if your issue is with any kind of data to be transferred between Android devices (e.g. contacts, messages, app data) -- except for those having dedicated tags like 'file-transfer'.
× 194
For questions specific to Xiaomi mobiles, software problems and about its user interface known as MIUI.
× 192
the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, like your Android device.
× 190
Samsung's first ever tablet device running Android. This was also the first ever tablet form-factor phone to run Android.
× 189
For questions regarding Android widgets, functional "super icons" that can be added on to a launcher home screen.
× 185
a text interface to enter commands interactively. In our context, it usually means a "Unix Shell" in a terminal app, or the ADB shell on a computer to interact with an Android devi…
× 185
an app which is placed under /system/app folder in an Android device. As /system is read-only, such an app cannot be uninstalled by an "ordinary" user.
× 185
required on the PC/Mac that you wish to plug your smartphone into for proper detection of the phone.
× 184
Remotely control your Android device from any other device/computer, or vice versa.
× 183
For questions specifically about Google Play Music, the native music app on Android 4.0 (and higher), and the related cloud-based music streaming service.
× 183
For questions concerning the icons on the notification bar, which usually sits on top (phones) or bottom (tablets) of your device's screen.
× 180
what you usually get to see first after unlocking your fresh started device, where your widgets etc. are placed, and where all activity usually starts.
× 179
The term "VPN" stands for "Virtual Private Network" which means to securely connect a device to a local network via the Internet.
× 177
Issues with apps defined as default for certain actions, or how to define them such.
× 176
if your issue is truly specific to the Samsung Nexus S (GT-I9020A, GT-I9020T, GT-I9023, GT-I9023T, SPH-D720) device.
× 174
a problem or unexpected behavior that needs fixing.
× 173
Questions related to "lost devices": How to find them, obtain data stored on them, or at least safely wipe them. Make sure to read the "first aid" hints following the 'info' link below before you ask …
× 171
meant for issues with the mobile data connection. For other connection issues please use the tag relevant to those, e.g. 'wifi', 'usb' or 'bluetooth'.
× 171
Refers to alarms generated either by the built-in Clock app or by third-party clock replacement apps.
× 167
a high-end Android smartphone designed, developed, and manufactured by HTC. Use this tag only if your issue is specific to the HTC One.
× 166
For questions related to the "internal SDcard" used by some Android devices to increase the amount of available storage. For the external micro-SDcard, use 'external-sd'. See the 'storage' tag wiki fo…
× 166
For questions concerning Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android smartphone.
× 163
locked by the manufactures to prevent the phones from booting unofficial firmware images.
× 160
Questions that deal with the volume control of Android devices; either using the hardware controls (Volume Keys) or software controls (Apps and widgets).
× 160
Service from Google to locate and optionally factory-reset a lost Android device.
× 159
Generic tag for Lenovo devices. Use it only if a device tag is needed for a Lenovo device, and there's not better matching tag. See the full tag-wiki for more details.