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Sharing paid apps between two devices
3 votes

You need to link your two devices together with a Google account. Done, hope this helped! Okay, I'm not going to be that guy... Here's how to really do it: Open your Settings app. Scroll down to ...

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Android dies at 20% battery?
2 votes

Actually, after hours of scouring the forums, I finally contacted HTC via chat. Right away, they said to power off the device. Then hold the volume down, volume up, and power buttons all at once for......

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HTC One M8 overheating, random reboots and unable to power it off
1 votes

For a quick fix for it rebooting after you power off, try holding the volume-up button while holding the power button. For the phone, it simulates a battery pull. Maybe try to wait overnight and wait ...

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What is the default DPI of HTC One (M8)?
Accepted answer
0 votes

I had to flash a 5.1 RUU for my phone anyway, so after doing so, I used Firelord's comment to get the correct answer to my question. The default DPI for the HTC One (M8) is 480.

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I accidentally deleted the updates of my google play
0 votes

That should be easy to fix, simply make sure you have enabled "Unknown sources" in your Security section of your settings app and download and install this APK file from this reputable source: http://...

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