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Soumitri Pattnaik
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I am a Full-stack cloud developer having over to 8 years of professional experience and close to 12 years of experience in software development.

In my day job, I predominantly work on Java, SpringBoot microservices, Python, Google Cloud services, and Kubernetes. Along with these technologies, I do a bit of Angular, Typescript on our frontend web app, I also manage a few small services written on Groovy and NodeJS / NestJS.

While writing micro-services to run on Kubernetes, I hated typing long and error-prone K8S commands, so I wrote (using Electron) a little GUI (DevKube) for kubectl which made my and a bunch of people's day a bit easier.

I am very passionate about making software that makes people's life easier. I not only enjoy writing code, but I also enjoy the grind of learning new things.

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