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I guess, I could say, "I am an IT professional!" under a vast umbrella.

I am actually a researcher. I worked 17 odd years in medical research and mainly on databases. Research relies on databases, otherwise I get the question, "How is medical research related to IT?".

Well, I constructed those dumb questionnaires, by first researching all the validity stuff for quality data, which never is absolute but somewhat indicative at its time.

Then, I built their databases for myself and other groups, and gathered statistics to be published.

So after studying computer science, I studied some medical science and now back to computer science.

My latest interest is learning networking.

I am a slow learner. I take my time.

Since 10+ years, I am self-employed. I travel to Germany for projects, yes I speak German.

One of my passions is creating automation in a work environment. Meaning, I learn about this new business, plan on how to make it optimal, built scenarios and slowly set up the information technology for better use.

My website is not nearly informative of all the work I do, because of 'Not enough time!'.

If anybody needs my occasional help, I definitely will consider being part of a team.

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