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Mihail Feraru
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"Hello, World", that gorgeous cliché shown in a Small Basic interpreter window and a blinking cursor front of a child, this was the very first step of my programming journey.

Now, 6 years have passed and coding became a second nature to me, slowly developing a true passion for well designed software architectures and clean code, adapting to new languages and technologies being a common thing.

Skills and experience

• Backend Web Development

‎‎→ Javascript/Typescript with Node, Express, Mongoose, Sequelize, Mocha, Chai, ApidocJs

→ Python with Flask, SQLAlchemy, PyMongo, PyRedis

→ Perl with Mojolicious, DBIx, PostgreSQL

→ PHP used only inside Magento 2 and Wordpress

• Web scraping and task automation

→ Python and Perl

→ Raw HTTP requests, regular expressions, manual HTML and JS parsing

→ Beautiful soup

→ Selenium

• Kernel and driver development

→ Written a hobby operating system in C and C++, with keyboard and video drivers, a virtual file system, multitasking, a memory manager and some user-land features like system calls

→ General operating systems knowledge, understanding of low level principles and concepts

→ Linux and Windows internals knowledge

→ Knowledge of assembly language of a couple of CPU architectures

• Cloud technologies and system administration

→ Amazaon Web Services, EC2, Lambda Functions

→ Firebase, Cloud Functions, Realtime database, Cloudstore, Google Cloud MySQL

→ Managing LAMP stack or variations (like nginx, MariaDB, Python instead of defaults)

• Algorithms and data structures

→ Participated competitive programming contests like Olympiad of Informatics

→ Solved problems on competitive programming platforms like Codeforces

→ Applied knowledge to real world situations in order to optimize software solutions

• Teamwork and leadership

→ Loving to work with others, share ideas and improve overall work experience

→ Managed small teams of 3 to 5 people in programming projects or competitions

→ Organized events as a part of bigger teams

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