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I had worked with different Platforms(Such as iOS, PHP, android, Java, windows OS and love Linux OS); To achieve new experiences. I love new challenges; But newly(one recent year) I have full focused on the J2SE, J2EE, Python and JS as scripting languages and somehow PHP. I Love All about Open-source software and wanna join this communicate more deeply. In one hand,I am working on my Ideas and in another,also interested in team-working and work for companies all over the world; via remote or out-source projects to Earn revenue. As I was interested in different platforms, My current position is all about MS and MS solutions. (Develop CRM and SharePoint) But also have some projects for custom requirements, based on J2ee and JS solutions( like Spring, jQuery, react ) This is all about the company, In my free time, I develop and work for my Ideas. Interested and Ready to accept projects.

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