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Ali Behzadian Nejad
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My adventurous journey began with programming banking products with Java EE in 2000, and I worked in this field for about eight years. Then I became interested in mobile programming and developed many apps for mobile phones with Java ME for a few years until the start of the smartphone era in 2010, and I entered the world of Android programming because of my interest in this field. However, all these years I have not neglected Java EE and .NET programming, and in addition to Android programming, I have written many products with Spring and .NET frameworks, and my adventurous journey continues. So, let me call myself a “Technical Product Manager” who has experiences in development and product management, that - in his spare time- writes about his experiences in his blog and contributes to the community. And before I forget, I must say that I am in top five percent developers overall on the StackOverflow!

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