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Senior Software Engineer at Rolustech

Experienced in PHP, SugarCRM, MySQL, AWS Lambda but I think of myself as technology-independent.

Huge fan/follower of code reusability (single responsibility architecture), documentation, and processes & frameworks

I have built

  • A 5-layer framework to implement integrations through REST APIs
  • Laravel application to manage recruitment for Rolustech (single-handedly built from scratch)
  • Integration of SugarCRM with Google Workspace (Calendar, Contacts, Drive) using REST APIs
  • Amazon Alexa Skills
  • MeetApps, a chrome extension to easily join video calls (built in my free time)

I have used the following tools & methodologies to enhance my and team's productivity

  • Gitlab
  • Redmine
  • Hubstaff
  • MeetApps, to easily join video calls
  • Weekly Sprint Reviews and Planning meetings
  • Daily SCRUM
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