April Julson

I am A Empathic Healer that has been Enlightened about true existence of our humanity and how we must all take a leap of faith in this awakening, we all in some way feel that our souls r in fact r ascending in2 the 5th Dimention,I'm looking 2 find my thru this transition with all the Beautiful souls that r in need of help with understanding all this,Fear is something that God did not give us,We all want the same thing in life and we have this truth now,we have been deceived and betrayed of our true nature due 2 lack of truth, we have been lost,I love Love and we all deserve that,in ourselves there is something we know that hasn't been right,KNOW THYSELF AND YOU FIND ALL TRUTHS,I look 4ward 2 taking this journey and Helping All That r in need,this has changed my my life and would love 2 share this experience... NAMASTE April

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