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Joel Joseph
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I'm an ambitious and experienced Full Stack Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the Software industry.

For the past 8.5+ years, I was engaged in designing and developing complex System Design, Application Architecture in Mobile, Web, IoT(Internet of Things) and Cloud spectrum.

I'm highly experienced in the design and development of Front-end and Back-end Applications using various tech stacks like Angular, Angularjs, Reactjs, Redux, Nodejs etc.

Currently leading the design and development of an IoT Cloud platform that connects billions of devices that powers Smart Cities around the globe.

Experienced in working with technologies such as ARM KIGEN Solutions, RSP (Remote SIM Provisioning), Device to cloud and cloud to device communications, Managing SIM's, eSIM's, IoT (Internet Of Things), Cloud Computing, Cellular IoT Connectivity, MQTT, LWM2M etc.

Being a continuous learner, I always like to keep my skills updated. Technology for me is a tool that enables myself to solve problems and adapt to changes

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