Sean Walton

I have been programming for hire since a teen almost 40 years ago. At BYU Computer Science, BS/1988 and MS/1990. Worked at HP's Laser Printer division for four years and earned a patent on automatic printer language detector, and invented a printer engine emulator.

While working in Ohio, I became an OSU adjunct professor, invented a method to do database queries on optical drives for a major stock corporation with linear performance on optical seeks, directed technology pathways and negotiated software contracts for a major power industry.

At University of Utah, I acquired a thesis-less PhD (called a "Master of Philosophy" or PhM) in Computer Science studying and publishing on Aspect-Oriented-Programming and deeply embedded programming.

Today I work for CaptionCall.com which makes a special captioning (transcribing) phone for the hearing-impaired. From here I earned several patents.

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