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Junaid Anwar
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Excelled in creating great UX/UI, responsible for usability & accessibility standards. Better SEO and Making you visible on the web where you need to be. Following are my skills: Content Management Systems (aka CMS) Node.js Cross-Browser Testing Cross-Platform Testing Cross-Device Testing Interaction or User Interface Design User Experience E-commerce Systems CSS Layout / Grids DOM Manipulation (e.g., jQuery) Performance Testing Version Control (e.g., GIT) MVC / MVVM / MV* Scalable Vector Graphics (aka SVG) Regular Expressions Task Runners, Build Tools, Process Automation Tools Responsive Web Design Object-Oriented Programming Dependency Managers JavaScript Animation CSS Animation Code Quality Testing Templating Strategies Single Page Applications Browser Developer Tools

Open to accept any projects. Offering individuals and companies custom web site designs and solutions that are affordable for every budget.

If interested please contact me to discuss your project in further detail.

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