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Proud to be an INDIAN!!

Proud to be an INDIAN!!

Building apps with and is the only thing I love though I know many other languages. I am a student of class 9th(don't trust-check my report card XD) and I'm 13 years old. The first programming language I ever learnt was QBasic in the age of 10. My other areas of interest are:

  • JAVA
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript(a little bit)
  • PHP(a little bit)

I also like helping people at StackOverflow! I don't often downvote on answers so if your post has been downvoted and I've left a comment chances are I haven't downvoted and I'm just leaving constructive feedback. But poor questions with no code(except how to questions), without minimal, complete and verifiable example are often downvoted by me the community.
Currently, I am working on ZoneOfCode where you can learn programming!

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Here's my list of daily activities:

  • Go to school[6 hours of day]
  • On StackOverflow[3 hours of day]
  • On SoBotics[2 hours of 3 hours on StackOverflow ;)]
  • Rest:


If you have something to spare on, spare some of your votes to increase my reputation my score on the tag, I need that tag badge!
Some people on SO are like: people on SO
If I suddenly asked you to look and watch upon your questions/answers, please don't take it serioulsly(in real life- but take it importantly when you're on StackOverflow). Most of the new users look upon StackOverflow as a forum. Though it is but still it is a Q/A site. Ask questions/give answers/take answers- no distractions at all. We should try to clean up that spammy and garbage content for future readers. Remember this user is going to be a great champion!