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On Aug 16, 2019, I got banned from Music SE for a year - the maximum ban length, for sockpuppet reason. When the ban was taken effect, User45266 had issued this post:

It is deeply disturbing to me that ~two months after this apology, this user was suspended for a full year - the maximum suspension duration.

This led me into asking multiple ban-related questions on Meta SE. AND - one of them was directly (purely) about my 1-year ban on Music SE. When I posted the question, these comments were issued:

  • There is a pattern of behavior here that makes me uncomfortable.
  • Maybe you should stop using sockpuppets. Why would you cheat to get fake internet points? On SE you only really need 125 to get full upvote/downvote/comment privileges. After I got that I stopped caring as much.
  • Out of interest, why do you keep doing it?
  • I'll share my guess based on common sense: the thrill of doing something forbidden.

It was not just THAT. On Music Fans, I had posted a lot of questions that I knew were off-topic, because I couldn't ask on Music SE because of my ban. Dom (mod on Music Fans) issued multiple warnings against me. By November 22nd, this comment was issued:

And this is the straw that broke the camel's back. Nothing in the question you posted, the answer you gave to that question, and the comment above makes sense on the Music Fan's site. This is not Music SE and you cannot treat it like a secondary Music SE.

On November 24th, User45266 had posted this comment on Music Fans:

You were suspended. You lost the privilege of asking those questions. The time to do something to ask that question has long since passed. You've been around for long enough on SE that you should know what to do if your question isn't on-topic; after all, you've been suspended on at least three different SE sites, including this one.

Yes, I've been suspended on three different SE sites:

  • Music

  • MSE

  • Music Fans

And User45266 returns.

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