Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, I also studied and taught computer science and the sociology of organizations. After eight years of work for a large international company, in 1980 I began a freelance career.

A whole professional life dedicated to project management:

In the mid-eighties, I created a company to develop a software project management built on new concepts and model and taught (1976-1992) in universities while continuing my research on project management and leading from the front my activities as a consultant.

I was the "editor of new software (project management and graphical representations) and in particular it have been bought by an international group.

I also worked as international consultant for the WB.

Animator of a workgroup on "project management" since 1976 to 1984 into French Scientific Asoociation for Organization Sciences.

Five years of mission as assistant to the Owner (French State) in a large software development project for the Department of Defense in France.

After I go on to work on project management by another five-year mission for a software for project management : analysis of needs and objectives of the client, product configuration and definition of specific developments, the launching applications and operator training, I was simultaneously the provider to design and develop new graphical tools for the representation of logic (workflow) and Gantt schedules.


New context, new tools

For last five years I develop websites (PHP, JS, jQuery, Smarty and other CMS tools, frameworks ...) and I work on the specification and development of an open source tool for integrated management of projects ( calendars, planing engineering workflow processes, trackers, descriptions of objects and features, structures and properties ...).


Since the beginning of this summary of career and experience the "project management" is considered in all its areas of applications: construction, engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, innovation and research, development and the establishment of organizations.

Writing a book on project management

I committed myself, too, to writing a book on project management (history, new perspectives, new tools and methods),

Teaching project management at phd level

I agree again in parallel in education to be a teacher in universities and schools of engineers.

Opensource participant and developer

For consistency, taste, pleasure and necessity I am committed to participating in the development of some open source projects.

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