Daniel Widdis

I'm a hybrid software engineer/data scientist helping reinvent the M365 hardware repair system. If you use a cloud version of Exchange or Outlook Web Access, chances are I'm the guy making sure the servers and hard drives holding the databases with your email keep running smoothly. Or at least predicting and/or monitoring when they don't.

In my spare time I'm the author and primary maintainer of the Operating System and Hardware Information (OSHI) library for Java. I am also a committer on the Java Native Access (JNA) project.

Any code I write in answers is licensed for your use under your choice of Stack Overflow's restrictive CC-BY-SA license, or CC0, or WTFPL. Should this profile comment be insufficient documentation for your project's licensing standards, I'm happy to contribute under whatever ICLA you require if you find my code useful.

I respect people as individuals and call them what they ask to be called. Pronouns: he/him.