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#I have around 8 years of experienced knowledge of iOS and Android platform app development.

#Experience & skills:

  • iOS - Grand Central Dispatch based Concurrency, Core Data Stack, View Debugging, GPU Debugging, RestAPI based client, Profiling for Memory Leaks, Zombies using Instruments, Autolayout, Metal, ARKit, UIKit, SceneKit.
  • Computer Vision - augmented reality using metaio sdk and vuforia sdk, face detection(opencv, dlib), face shape prediction(on ert, esr, lbf based), training shape prediction model
  • Image Processing - offscreen-onscreen image/video rendering using Opengles & Metal, image processing by using shader and blending, image manipulation using opencv Software Engineering - SOLID, VIPER, MVVM, Clean Architecture, GoF Design Patterns, Scrum, Git-Flow, Continuous Integration, Unit Testing
  • Embedded System - SPI, I2C and UART communication using AVR MCU(ATMEL) and avr-gcc
  • Language - C, C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java

#Interested in any innovative challenging work in computer vision, embedded systems, robotics.

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