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Hi this is Almo,

I am a full stack web developer with more than a decade of experience in software development. I have been working with many international clients (AXA Germany, Zeit Media - Germany, Zain Group - Kuwait…) from initial project brainstorming, UI design & backend code development to continuous deployment on distributed servers.

While always looking for challenging projects where many technologies interact, I am more oriented towards building enterprise microservices and taking care of their deployment to both cloud services and self-hosted Docker containers. I work with frontend technologies from basic HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SASS to modern frameworks such as ReactJs, Angular and runtime environments like Node to name a few.

With a broad technical skill set, solving problems is my ambition, especially when it comes to backend technologies and frameworks. From entry-level CMS’s (WordPress plugins & themes) to more advanced enterprise-ready web frameworks (Symfony and re-usable components): delivering solid and unit tested code (that complies with the latest standards and security advisories) is always my goal to achieve.

Flexibility and understanding of teamwork make it easy to collaborate and lead other team members both in Kanban or Scrum oriented projects.

Being able to speak five languages and contribute to open source projects allows me to work with teams from different international backgrounds.

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