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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The opposite of knowledge is not ignorance, but belief in wrong information.

Coding is like playing chess. You have to consider a lot before you move.

Ugly code is like a condom, handkerchief, or toilet paper. You can only use it once.

Nomen est omen: a function or procedure does exactly what the name says, no more and no less.

Elegant code is: short, clear, simple, unambiguous, memorable and efficient. Everything else is clumsy code.

Smart developers write the most simple, short and flat code. Ordinary developers write the most complicated, longest lines and nested code.

Lazy but clever developers have less to do than they did yesterday, while hardworking but bad developers have to do more and more every day.

Good code is tested, because only good code can be tested. Bad code cannot be tested.

Code optimization is only done after full implementation and successful testing, not before or during it.

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