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I try for computer uncertainty. I use uncertainty. I define "X E" and "X E" ending things to mean "All as per one might be input maybe or might not be input maybe or might be output maybe or might not be output maybe, maybe or maybe not, maybe.". In ending a sentence, . may be omitted from that definition. Sorry if I was counter-stack exchange principals doing uncertainty. I try to keep it to a minimum on stack exchange. By uncertainty I mean like whatever previous statements, as a whole like true. I am okay as long as it is defined and used. If you think I'm like bad or something, please all the constructive criticism and maybe insults you want, but don't hurt others, I can take it. If you want to criticize me in person, email: [email protected]. I know Swift, Javascript, Kotlin, and Ruby. I try to be a valuable (not in a bad way) addition to these sites. I am not trying to insult, I just think feedback now may be criticism. Nothing meant as artistic about "X E", I just may do it some times. Remember to give credit like "From question, @user helped". Thanks for this site and to you that like help me or at least try. I release like my answers and questions on this site set to public domain or Creative Commons 0 where that is not allowed, no need to give attribution to me. X E.

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