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Career Transaction and Payment Integrity Specialist now turned entrepreneur and advocate for consumer protection.

Topics I am passionate about:

  • exposing corruption, catching scammers, making merchants trade honestly with their consumers, gaming, karaoke, food, and technology.

Topics where I have relevant knowledge:

  • electronic payments, including banking operations,
  • operational risk,
  • project management,
  • business process modeling, engineering and optimization,
  • insurance operations including: property and casualty; health, life, accident; and reinsurance lines of business,
  • international trade and credit
  • third party liability and recovery,
  • contact centers,
  • fulfillment services,
  • information management and data protection,
  • cohort analysis,
  • Microsoft products,
  • Google Cloud,
  • POSIX compliant operating systems,
  • e-cycling and e-waste management,
  • residential property management,
  • emergency response, and
  • adult learning.

Topics I want to learn more about:

  • Blockchain technology,
  • criminal defense,
  • civil rights, and
  • consumer advocacy.

In an everchanging world, we all learn to adapt, change and overcome. I am a lifetime learner and like me, my profile will evolve overtime.

  • Questions: welcome
  • Answers: much appreciated
  • Dumb Looks: I have a few
  • Smart remarks: only when someone pretends to be s_____.
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