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How to disable MTP and PTP file sharing via USB on Android 5?
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Thanks to @Firelord, this is the procedure to follow: Root your phone Install Terminal Emulator In Terminal Emulator, run su sh -c 'echo -n none > /data/property/persist.sys.usb.config' Restart ...

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How do I get my phone to connect the internal SD by USB?
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On my Samsung Galaxy S II model GT-I9100, I have to do the following to enable mounting on Linux: Go to Settings → Storage Click the menu button Go to "USB computer connection" Click anything ...

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No mobile signal after installing CyanogenMod
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Looks like Toggle Mobile just doesn't work well with my setup. I bought a £2 SIM card from Lycamobile a couple months ago, and it's been working flawlessly with no setup changes. Not much of an answer ...

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