Novice Android Developer.. but keen to learn!

My background is around 15 years experience in End User Computing, ranging from managed Windows desktop, Windows Server, Printer certifications, Enterprise Mobility, Blackberry Enterprise Server, iOS Mobile Device Management, Samsung Android Knox.

I've dabbled in iOS XCode development, really just wrapping existing XCode projects with Certificates and building for internal deployment.

I started out "developing" in Basic on the Commodore 64, when I was 8 but I really just painstakingly typed out the sample programs from the manual like the musical keyboard app. I moved onto Turbo Pascal when I was around 11 and started some actual code-cutting. The Nibbles app that the Nokia game ripped off was on Turbo Pascal, and I hacked the code to give me unlimited lives, slow down the speed in the levels, give me unlimited lives and customised the output messages to include me and my brother's names. By 16 I expanded on my Pascal but for school I progressed to Visual Basic 6.. my first GUI coding! It wasnt until university that we were forced to go Linux OS and learn Borland C. This was where I learnt how to properly code. Over the course of my Bachelor of Digital Systems degree, I learnt many hardware programming languages as well as software. This was were I fell in love with Assembler code.. we learnt the Motorola MC6800 CPU Instruction set. On top of that we also learnt assembler in MIPS R2000 architecture. Meanwhile on the software Object Oriented front, I moved up a rung in the ladder to learn from Borland C++, which to my astonishment was a lot more complex than C.

Since uni, Ive learnt VB.NET, ASP.NET, JAVA and many scripting techniques, VBScript, JScript Powershell Script.

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