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I am a seasoned Full stack developer with expertise in Python, Android, Kotlin, and shell scripting. I have a deep understanding of the Android ecosystem and have built numerous applications ranging from utility apps to complex enterprise solutions. Additionally, I possess solid knowledge of iOS development principles and practices.

Over the past 11 years, I've been an active member of StackOverflow, witnessing its growth and evolution firsthand. It has been my primary source of knowledge and learning, shaping my expertise in various programming languages and technologies. Through active participation and collaboration with the community, I've honed my skills and gained valuable insights into solving complex problems. StackOverflow has been instrumental in my professional development, providing a platform for continuous learning and sharing knowledge with fellow developers worldwide.

In the realm of cloud-native development, I have extensive experience working with AWS services, including AWS CodeBuild and AWS Lambda functions. I am proficient in Azure Pipelines and Google Cloud Build, enabling me to create efficient CI/CD pipelines for my projects. Furthermore, I have explored graphics programming using OpenGL and have worked on projects involving computer graphics, simulations, and visualizations.

Navigating app store submission processes and resigning APKs and IPAs are areas where I excel, ensuring compliance with Play Store and App Store guidelines and facilitating secure and reliable distribution across different platforms.

Effective management of EC2 instances is crucial for optimal performance and cost-efficiency in cloud-based applications. I have experience in provisioning, monitoring, and scaling EC2 instances to meet dynamic workload demands while optimizing resource utilization and minimizing costs.

My journey as a full-stack developer has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to mastering emerging technologies. With expertise in Python, Android, Kotlin, shell scripting, and a broad understanding of cloud platforms and development workflows, I am well-equipped to tackle diverse challenges and deliver impactful solutions in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

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Jun 23, 2014