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Tiago Barreto
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Tiago Barreto has a Degree in Computer Science. He is a professional with over 10 years experience in software development, merging skills in front-end and back-end on various platforms and programming languages.

Main Skills:

  • Software Engineer with ten years experience developing applications for clients, including Sony Ericsson, LG, HP, JP Morgan, HSBC, AE – The State of São Paulo, Brazilian Northeast Bank, Amazonia Bank and numerous others;

  • Solid knowledge of web technologies. Among these are Ruby, Rails, Java, Spring, vRaptor, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, JavaScript, Angular JS, jQuery and Backbone;

  • Expert knowledge in mobile development application. Experience with Android OS, iOS and Symbian OS using Java, Objective-C and JavaScript;

  • Good skills on Agile Methodologies for Software Development such as SCRUM;

  • Excellent fundamentals in version control some of which are CVS, SVN and GIT and Familiarity with Unix (Linux and Mac OS X). Enthusiast of emerging technologies, these include Node.JS, Socket I/O, Express JS, Grunt, Redis and others;

  • Large experience on Interaction Design, Usability and Accessibility Engineering and User Experience Design.

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