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Factory reset on htc one mini 2 doesn't work
Accepted answer
1 votes

Right, so I figured it out (much googling, some trial and error, more than a few swearwords). The htc guide (and most others on the interwebs that have just copied and pasted HTC's instructions) ...

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How to show screen display during phone call on HTC Wildfire?
8 votes

I'm not sure about the Wildfire, but on my Desire HD when I take the phone from my face, the motion sensor detects it and re-awakens the screen automatically. I'm not sure if it's a setting, a Froyo ...

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How to set the DNS server on Nexus One?
Accepted answer
5 votes

While you're on Wifi, have a look in Wi-Fi settings > menu|Advanced. It looks like it's easier when you're on Wifi than when you're on a celular signal (3 or 2.5g).I've found a blog post here that ...

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Will the HTC Desire HD have superior hardware than the Samsung Galaxy S?
3 votes

I chose the Desire HD over the Galaxy for a couple of fairly qualitative unscientific reasons. I've had good experience with other HTC android phones (I adored my HTC magic). To my eyes at least, the ...

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