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I use this site because I have the freedom to ask any question (dumb or not) without feeling judged. I feel like there are occasionally things that have just slipped by that I should know, but I don't and you guys are willing to help me every little step of the way — I love you guys!

I've been learning how to program on my own since I was 8. I haven't participated in many actual programming courses, but I've managed to learn a lot on my own (and of course I've received plenty of help from StackOverflow).

In the last few years I developed an interest for networking and servers. I've also developed a strong love for Linux (I have a thing for Debian).

A little while ago I began working as a technician for a small managed IT company. Since then I have moved on to be the IT manager for a healthcare associated company in Raleigh North Carolina where I support 120+ users and maintain our servers at our central office.

On the side I provide managed web hosting for several smaller companies in NC and have been doing so for a few years. I enjoy helping my clients improve their SEO and get a better understanding of where their traffic is coming from and what it all means.

In my free time I enjoy designing websites, writing server software, fine tuning my home network, and designing management software for the various systems I work with day-to-day.

My latest endeavor,, has been one of my favorites. I decided I wanted to share my love for horribly lame jokes. I was also unsatisfied with the sorting methods used by other joke websites (I wanted the absolute funniest lame jokes at the top and I wanted the public to have an easy way to vote and submit their own) and so I employed the sorting algorithm described by Evan Miller, here. It still has a ways to go, but the project provided me with a wonderful opportunity to learn how to utilize AngularJS (and I certainly love it)! I'd like to improve how the sorting is displayed on the front end (the scores appear rather arbitrary to visitors), I'd like to build a better back end for joke moderation, I'd love to set up integration with my LameJokesDotOrg Facebook page to auto post user submitted jokes everyday, and I'm currently working on a signup page to have a daily lame joke sent to your email inbox.

I have a few projects up on GitHub — many of them aren't particularly complete (or any more than just an empty repo), but I do have at least one currently that I occasionally commit to (and it actually does something - Ha!).

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