My old Asus TF101 has a faulty backlight and cuts out if it goes above (roughly) 60%. Therefore, I am hunting for a way to change (lower) the maximum brightness that the tablet will reach - both in auto brightness and by using the brightness slider.

Following this XDA thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s2/themes-apps/mod-lower-auto-brightness-levels-to-t1235212 I've discovered where to change the auto brightness (the framework-res.apk) but wondered if anyone knew where the other brightness settings were stored?

Obviously I'm rooted and fully prepared to decompile system apks!


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Found the answer myself and it's a 'yes'. I'll share it here in case it's useful to someone else.

This XDA thread was the basis of the fix http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s2/themes-apps/mod-lower-auto-brightness-levels-to-t1235212 main points extracted here:

Here is a guide on how to perform this mod on any framework-res.apk using apk manager (thanks for the guide goes to desean):

  1. Download APK manager and unpack somewhere
  2. Grab framework-res.apk from your phone under \system\framework\ (e.g. adb pull) and place it in the "place-apk-here-for-modding" folder
  3. Run Script.bat and select option 9
  4. Once done, go to projects\framework-res.apk\res\values\arrays.xml and edit your values as per first post.
  5. Once edited, compile the apk using option 11
  6. Qn: Is this a system apk. Ans: y
  7. Qn: Aside from the signatures, would .... least. Ans: y
  8. Prompt: In the apk manager folder u'll find a keep folder..... done then press enter on this script. Press any key to continue . . . You have to go to "keep" folder and delete resources.arsc because arrays.xml have been changed. After this You can press any key in apk manager window.
  9. Once done, input 22 in apk manager and select "unsignedframework-res.apk" by entering the number that stands for it. After selecting it You should see in apk main window in the top right corner "Current-App: unsignedframework-res.apk". Now press 5 to zipalign apk. You will find your completed, zipaligned apk under place-apk-here-for-modding\unsignedframework-res.apk. Rename it back to framework-res.apk and adb push the file back to your phone

Some of those points are inaccurate (particularly points 6 and 9), depending on the version of APK Manager you use, (if you use it at all, APK Multitool has replaced it in development and I used GanGs_KiD Kitchen) but are corrected later in the thread.

Anyway, instead of editing arrays.xml (which is where auto-brightness is controlled, though I edited that too) head to integers.xml and edit the values of "config_screenBrightnessSettingMaximum" down to whatever you need. 255 is the brightest (and what it's likely already set to), I needed to go down to 150.

Then follow the instructions to re-compile and zip-align your framework-res and adb push it back to the device. Hey presto! No more screen cutting out!

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