I was just wondering if there was a way to modify the folder structure on the Facebook and Facebook Messenger app to use the folders already set up in the Gallery to select photos, rather than selecting all at once and ordering them by "last modified".

To explain, I have several folders in my Gallery app - "Camera", "Facebook", "Friends" etc. When using the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps, and I want to share a photo, I just get all of my photos, seemingly organised by the date they were last updated (including if the photo was edited).

So is there a way to get these apps to use the folder structure I have in my Gallery app, rather than the current setup?

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The only way to do this I know of is to circumvent facebook when selecting photos.

To do this:

  • go to your gallery
  • select the photo(s) you want to send
  • press share on those
  • choose the method as facebook or messenger.

If you want I can explain in more detail, just comment if that's the case.

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