I have a text file somewhere on the SD card.

How can I create a shortcut to this file on the "desktop" to open it immediately?

(HTC Wildfire)

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Amaze file manager, offers this option as well, just long click on a file or folder you would like to be able to enter to with a shortcut from the home screen and tap the 3 dots menu button at the top, then choose add shortcut.

Amaze File Manager is a FOSS file manager and it has many nice features stock file managers don't offer. For example, you can open with it files as text/image/video/audio/database with the application of your choice no matter what the file extension is - that's very useful for users who create or download/sync text files with no file extension or non relevant file extension like .log, .yaml, .json etc.


Here is another app: Shortcut Maker. It works with the latest version of Android.

After installing the app, go to Widgets by long-tapping the home screen and click on shortcut maker. Then add the required file/folder.

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