My Samsung Note 4 will work until about 20% battery life. At that point I usually receive the low battery warning but then it just dies almost immediately after notification with hardly any continued battery drain. This has been a progressive issue and I believe it is linked to battery health.

I've had it die at even higher battery % at about 30% but that is really rare.

I have owned my Samsung Note 4 for about a year now with the original battery as its only used battery. I preordered it and received it on release day. The battery has gone through many cycles. I estimate on average 1 to 2 full drains per day everyday for about a year now. At this point I tend to just leave it plugged in while I'm near an outlet continuously now.

I charge it with and without the fast charger. When not in bed I use the fast charger. When I'm sleeping I use a standard basic charger.

I'm currently using an app called Battery Monitor Widget to monitor my mAh with this battery. I also just received a second battery that I will test too.

Does anyone know what could cause my phone to die at around 20%? Is it battery health?

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    Battery would be my guess too, fits your description of the problem perfect. Test the second battery for a while - I think it should solve your issue.
    – benjamin
    Oct 5, 2015 at 11:12

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Since no one has responded in the time it took me to do my own little experiment I wanted to post what I found.

I found that I needed a new battery. The new battery can maintain the needed voltage down to single percentages where as, depending on what I was doing on my phone, the old battery would allow my phone to die with little to no warning like I described in the question above.

So if your phone is not draining much lower than 20-30% and dies try buying a new battery.

Also thank you benjaminS for supporting my thoughts in comments of the question.


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