I've looked at XDA and couldn't find anything and nobody will answer my question there. Please let me know if it is possible and if it is, how to do it?

Methods I already tried:

  • Framaroot
  • Kingoroot
  • Towelroot
  • Rootmaster
  • One Click Root
  • 👑 root

Download Cydia Impactor to your desktop – Windows | Mac | Linux 32-bit | Linux 64-bit Extract the package to your desktop

Run the Cydia Impactor tool

On your Android device, enable USB Debugging from Settings > Developer Options

Connect the device to a USB port on your computer

On Windows, you would need to have the USB drivers for your device installed. If not, you can also use the inbuilt Driver Scan function in the tool to automatically construct and install a driver for your device

Click the Start buton, after making sure that # drop SuperSU su to /system/xbin/su is selected in the dropdown menu

Once done, download and install SuperSU from the Play Store

Enjoy Root access on your Android device

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    Your source of info? – Firelord Nov 25 '15 at 19:47

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