This is the situation: I have an app named "ABC" installed on my phone. and it has some media files which can be downloaded. when I click on files shown in the app it starts downloading and I can see in the download manager app which comes by default in the phone.

I'm trying to know the download url of the file being downloaded, but I couldn't.

could any body please suggest the way to know download url, so that I can use IDM/uget in the system to download in faster way???


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One way would be to install a network packet sniffer app; there are some that do not require root, by acting like a VPN app. You seem to be technically savvy since you mention IDM and uget so what you would also need besides the packet sniffer app is software to analyze the resulting capture. Generally, once you capture the data you would transfer it to a PC then run a network capture protocol analyzer; such as Wireshark (available for Windows, OS X, and Unix) to analyze the traffic and you should be able to find the URL of the file.

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