Google Maps reports rotating direction (0.5 rotations / minute) with stationary phone. The compass is calibrated and works correctly in compass-specific apps.


Steps to replicate:

After booting into Safe Mode and calibrating the compass via rapid figure-8's (or slow, or rotations on table), the direction in Google Maps slowly rotates.

EDIT: I did a factory reset and, before logging in, Google Maps still has this error. I think it may be a hardware bug at this point.

Apps affected:

  • Google Maps (Safe Mode and normal mode)
  • GPS Status (only available in normal mode)

Apps not affected:

Troubleshooting steps I've tried:

  • Calibrating compass

    • Rebooting in Safe Mode

    • Disabling/re-enabling Google Maps (includes data/cache deletion)


  • Nexus 5X
  • Android 6.0.1
  • Google Maps 9.34.1
  • Confirmed on S4, i9505, with cyanogenmod 13, Google maps 9.40.02 – user195153 Nov 5 '16 at 11:10

Same issue here on my Galaxy S-6 Edge Plus. The blue dot/shadow spins rapidly. Master reset did not fix. Verizon actually replaced the phone and the new phone acts up as well. I went to Best Buy Samsung help desk and they mentioned an issue that is going to be corrected (soon) as an update to Google Maps. I hope this rapid spinning doesn't mess up any of the sensors on the new phone...

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