I changed my hosts file using ES Explorater after root to youtube.com

but it still takes to the real website, I tried on chrome browser and the default browser. I found the same problem on many forums but it didn't help me at all. can any one help me?

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I had a similar issue.

Check if the content of hosts ends with a line feed. The trailing line feed is required.


Make sure you turn off Data Saver and any proxies. From the Google Chrome Support Page: "If you're using Data Saver, keep in mind that: ... • Changes you made to your /etc/hosts file won't work."

Source: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2392284


I had to clear the data and cache (this will wipe your bookmarks, addons, etc) of Firefox for Android for it to pick up the new hosts file.


On the most Android systems, /system/etc/hosts is used as the hosts file.

You can read how to change the hosts file from a desktop computer here.

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