Android 7.1 has introduced some changes to Wi-Fi connection interface. In 6.0, when selecting PEAP MSCHAPv2 in Wi-Fi connection interface, there were no CA certificates available (unless some had been installed). In 7.1 one can Use system sertificates and Domain input field appears.

So, for example, I want to connect to Eduroam, that requires thawte Primary Root, using login user@uni.org. What am I supposed to type in Domain and Identity fields?


Assuming you want to use the email address user@uni.org, Domain would be uni.org and Identity would be user@uni.org.

Source: XDA developers and originally Virginia Tech Helpdesk

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I've learnt that the domain refers to the address of the RADIUS server of the network:

The university used to ask to install a Thawte certificate for WiFi connection. Then, then switched to DigiCert and the installation is not necessary anymore. So, their new config is now like:

Use system certificates

Obviously, it's a particular case, but the idea is clear.

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